Create a Beautiful Outdoor Escape

Your landscape is more than just grass and bushes—it’s a canvas for your home. Your property deserves to be a work of art and it takes imaginative, professional landscaping to raise it to its highest standard! At Arborgate Horticultural, we understand the potential of a beautiful landscape—both for increasing your home’s curb appeal and creating an outdoor space you love to spend time in. Our landscape company in Minnetonka, MN brings together the best elements of traditional landscaping and hardscaping, to create property appeal that’s truly inspiring! Our landscapes enhance your home and send a message to onlookers, telling them you’re a proud homeowner.

Why choose us when there are so many other landscapers in Minnetonka? Because we design with conviction and focus on creating landscapes that are unique to you and your home. From hand-selecting the right shrubbery and foliage, to building a fire pit you’ll love for years, to shaping everything into an oasis that’s just for you—everything we do is tailored to your property.

We don’t just move earth or plant greenery: we shape your landscape like the work of art that it is. And we do it all with expert knowledge and keen attention to detail, because we care about delivering a finished product that’s perfect. Consult with us today and we’re certain you’ll see why our landscapes are the ones that turn heads!

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